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Last Sunday I took a friends big scooter and zoomed up to the Blue Mountain for a race without Ben. The Woodford to Glenbrook Classic is a 25km trail race. Considering that the start is at 600+m above sea level and the finish around 200m above sea level I should not have been wrong of expecting a nice down hill run. Well it would have helped to study the race map – the first 15 km seems to go more up hill then down hill. I tried to keep up with Denis and Sam but after a few uphills I had to give in and started to power walk the hills to keep some energy in the tank for the second half – which, thanks God was down hill. I enjoyed the cool air and shady parts in the forest and considering that I more enjoyed good wine and cheeses the last couple of weeks then muesli bars and power gels, my finish of 2.18 for the 25 km seems respectable. At least I was happy with that Sunday morning exercise. I also felt that comes July my approach has to change and since Ben and I have just signed up for the CPultra ( in September – the training regime will start in serious comes Monday, 2nd July
Happy Feet


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