Adios Sydney, Hello BrisVegas

A week ago I did my last run with my running friends along the beaches in Sydney in nice sunshine and sea breeze.
On Monday I started my new job in Brisbane and first thing in the morning is going for my first jog along the river. Apart from the humidity, I was surprised how hilly Brisbane is and those hills back to my hotel almost killed me at the end.
Did two more runs this week and look forward to one or two slow discovery jogs around the city during the weekend. This city seems to be very sporty and loves cycling and running for sure. Another big difference is that daylight starts at 4.30am! So by 5.30am I am up and running and still have time before going to work – love it.
Have to find some good tracks and find out about local races to get my fitness up again for next years season. Not sure if I can stick to the plan for 2011 but for sure will get in one or two bigger races in.
Happy feet

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