One year ago

It is already one year since we stood in the middle of the Sahara desert in Morocco at the starting line of the Marathon des Sables 2008. Well, I am glad I did it last year – this year the organiser had a hell of a job on hand with all the rain and flooding. The first stage got cancelled and since the race is on the way, they improvise every day. The runners do not know where they will go next day and for how long as it all depends where there is no water and flooding! Apparently it is also very cold out there, especially at night and the runners struggle to keep warm. Looks like a hell of a challenge for this years run as well. More info you can find and follow the race at

I am on track for the big race in May – lost a few kilos, which is good and knees are holding up with all the hill training I am doing. Last week I did a 3 hour walk with the backpack and finished the week on 70km. Hope the weather will improve again as I am not yet ready to run in the rain


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