Bush Run

Last week was a bit a washout and my only training was in gym on bike and treadmill – at least I could train and watch Euro 08 at same time πŸ™‚
Sunday I joint some runners who signed up for the 100km Oxfam and we did a great training run between Checkpoint 2 and 4 – was great to be out in the bush for a 3 hours run. My knee however did not like the steep up and downs 😦 and I do not feel confident that I could keep up a rigorous trainingplan to participate in the 100km run end of August without damaging my knee more. Shame, as I really would have love to take on this challanging team race.
Guess it is a back to my 3 days a week running for the time being….I am still reluctant to put the knee under the knife but I probably only kidding myself here as it needs to be done to be back 100% for bigger adventures ahead.

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