It’s fun to help restore sight to needlessly blind people

Running or walking 50km or 100km is probably not everyone’s cup of tea but a fun night out with friends all for a good cause certainly is.

We are only 4 weeks away from our next Sydney Wild Women on Top Coastrek adventure – running through the night for 50km. Team Run 4 Vision is training hard.

Mel and Sam have finished recently an Ironman triathlon and I fear that Denis and myself will have to work hard to just keep up with the two ‘Wild Women’.  Denis exhausted after half marathonMarkus running through the woods in Blue Mountains2012-12-09 23.44.03

We hope to repeat our result from last year – raising money to restore sight to at least 500 blind people, and we need you to help us reach that goal!

Please join us for a fun trivia night on Friday 22 February at the Randwick Labor Club from 7pm. Book your seat now and bring your friends along for a fun night out.

Thank you for supporting our efforts to help The Fred Hollows Foundation. If you can’t make the trivia night please support us with a generous donation here.

Thank you and Happy Feet!

Australia Day training run

I think it was a first for me to get up at 5.30am on an Australia Day to drive for an hour to get to the start of a 6-hour race at the foot of the Blue Mountains, the Knapsack Lap Race of 5 km.

It was quite a nice morning weather-wise to start with, but the longer it went the warmer and more humid it got. I decided to run without a watch or iPod and enjoyed the sound of the forest (and the distant highway) on my circles of 5 km.

It was a kind of hilly course, and after about 3 hours and 5 laps, I started to slow down a bit. The check-point was well stocked with food and drinks and the cool Coke kept me going for another 3, slower rounds, however, with the sun almost straight on top, certain sections of the course got so hot and after 5.5 hours and 8 rounds I called it quits. It was a good 40 km training run for the Coastrek 2013. Sam did a great 6 rounds in 3 hours, and Denis, well, he is still somewhere on holiday probably with a Guinness in his hands. I am sure Mel is doing her running between the tennis matches down there at the Australian Open.

For once I was quite glad to have a car, as it took me about 10 minutes on full aircon to cool down to be in a state to drive back to Sydney.

For next week, we’ve planned a night training run to check out the trickier parts of the Coastrek.

Happy feet and happy Australia Day!