Catch me if you can

Training on track for Sydney Running Festival in two weeks time. Has been a while since Francois and I ran together, so I really look forward to guiding Francois at the half-marathon and showing him some sights of Sydney along the way. But a bigger challenge lays ahead. Francois is training hard for the New York City Marathon in November, representing (and fundraising for) Achilles Australia.

I thought he needs some cross training along the way. So I signed up for a special event for both of us – the 100km Ned Kelly Chase in Wangaratta.

Running a100 km foot race is quite challenge as you know.

And yes, you may think, not again, he has been there, done that, right?

But throw in an ironman ready to catch me before I reach the finish line and it is a whole different ball game, even with a nine hours head-start!


That’s right – Francois, an ironman and ultra-runner extraordinaire, together with his partner, will try to catch me on their tandem (below photo shows Francois on tandem bike at the Specsavers Ironman in South Africa)

Running or cycling – Let’s do it for Fred! Help us end avoidable blindness!



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