Finally – Back on the Track….

It has been a while,

Well, I am happy to report that not only did Run 4 Vision go the distance at the Sydney Coastrek in March but we managed to cross the finish line as first mixed team once again J Being 60km this time from Manly Beach to Bondi Beach and in bad rainy and windy weather we were quite happy with the 7:24 this time around.

Most of the slow pace was probably mine for most the time but I got a second wind on the last 10km and somehow manage to loose my team and had to wait at the finish for them to cross the line together.

The other great news of course is that the over 2,600 Sydney Coastrekker managed to raise over $2,6 million dollars for The Fred Hollows Foundation!

After a couple of weeks break, I just was read to kick-start my running with a 5km sprint guiding Ben at the Park Run to a new PB but then I had to take an urgent trip back to Europe to visit my family. Ben and I kneeling in front of the Achilles team.

so I only really got back into training in June and within a couple of weeks was at the start the Glow Worm Tunnel ½ Marathon in the Blue Mountains.

A beautiful valley to run through….being undertrained it took me a bit longer then a couple of years ago but the whole racing got me back on track – 2:33 for 21 km seems a bit slow but it was a stay incline for 10km followed by a 800m walk to a pitch-dark tunnel

(no Glow Worms to be seen) and then a 10km down-hill run. Was glad I hired a nice and cozy campervan to keep us warm over night as temperature hovered around the 3 degrees mark at night.

On way home I was planning the rest of the year – thinking about some new challenge to run and raise money for The Fred Hollows Foundation.


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