Shaken but not stirred…

Thank you all for joining us at last night’s James Bond 007 movie fundraiser at The Ritz in Randwick. Not only a brilliant movie with a shaken James, but also a great outcome with almost 100 people turning up.

We had fun and in the process helped some poor people who needed our support the most. Still today 4 out or 5 blind people could have their sight restored with as little as $25 and a 10-minute procedure. You all have made a difference to over 50 people yesterday. Your support not only restores sight, but it will give those people their life and future back, it affects families and their villages and will have a huge impact to their future life’s. Thank you for supporting The Fred Hollows Foundation. 

The last 12 months Run 4 Vision, with the help from all of you, was able to raise over $20,000 for The Fred Hollows Foundation – that is over 800 people who can see again! THANKS TO YOU!

Team Run 4 Vision, Sam, Jo, Denis and I, ran 100 km last March from Palm Beach to Coogee Beach wining the Coastrek 2012, Ben and I raced in several half-marathons, and Ben managed to run for 12 hours covering almost 75 km in September during the Centennial Park Ultra raising fund for Achilles Running Club.

We will be back next year! Already signed up for Coastrek 2013 so watch this space for news and updates of our training. Help us raising money for The Fred Hollows Foundation
Ben is keen to outdo us next year, and he has signed up for the 100 km walk together with Senator John Faulkner and two female guides still to be found. Denis and I thought one 100-km race is enough so we will have fun running the 50-km night race from Balmoral to Coogee on Friday night. We too are still looking for two keen girls joining us for a great run and raising money for a great cause….so ladies, don’t be shy and contact us if you’re game – join team Run4Vision or help Ben along the way, thank you.

Wish you and all your families a happy and merry festive season and Happy Feet for the New Year. And don’t forget to look out for ‘Fred’ on New Year’s Eve in Sydney.


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