Ben and running on hot sand

Only 7 weeks after the 50km Coastrek, Ben and team Tigers finished the 100km Melbourne Trailwalker an incredible 8 hours faster then last year in 28:59! Great effort Ben and team, well done! Here some info about Ben and the Tigers
I, in the meantime, enjoyed some nice runa along the beach near Byron Bay. A 6km stretch of sand next to your bungalow at the beach was too inviting not be run on. However found out that running barefoot is tricky on warm sand even with cooling the feet by running through the water from time to time. I ended up with a nasty blister on the sole of my toes…lesson learned – tomorrow it will be with shoes again.
Ben and I have another 4 weeks to prepare for the Sydney Half Marathon. I am sure this year’s new route will please Ben, as there is no two loops anymore to run but a single A – B race, which is nicer for both of us.
I hope to have another few days of warm weather in Byron Bay before heading back to Sydney and start training with Ben again. He can take the next few days off and recover from his Trailwalker adventure.
Happy Feet (and Toes)

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