Two more sleeps

After 4 months, 1200km and 150 hours of training spending many weekend mornings on the road instead of the bed or in a cafe, I and hopefully the rest of the team are as ready as we can be for Friday morning. Palm Beach, 6am start for 100 kilometres of sand, trail, road and grass to Coogee Beach along the beautiful coastline of Sydney.

I spent the last 48 hours eating pasta dish after pasta dish, and with tomorrow still looming as another pasta day, I will probably end up with a few extra kilos at the start ready to burn them along the way to Coogee. The weather is a bit unstable at best and it looks like a wet run awaits us. Not too much of a worry as I prefer this to a too hot and humid day, which are typical for this time of the year here in Sydney.

I packed a few extra pairs of socks, shoes and shirts to swap along the way. Nothing feels better than a new set of clothes after 50-odd kilomtres of running in the rain.

I need to get my sleep now, a bit of a bugger as it is our wedding anniversary, which only comes around every four years! I promised Uli to take her for a good night out next week 😉

Happy feet and don’t forget to follow us on twitter @run4vision.


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