It has been a while

A few weeks of settling back in – finding a new job and a new home, I am now back in full swing running with Ben (my blind running partner) training hard for the Sydney Marathon. After last years 1/2 marathon and a successful 100km Oxfam Trail Walk, Ben is keen to go the full monty! For sure we both have some work to do, as both of us have been a bit slack the last 6 months and we have now just a bit over 6 weeks to get ready. We currently do our rounds in the Centennial Park on Tuesday and Thursday mornings between 7 and 8 plus have some longer runs on the weekend. Ben is also joining a gym so he can get on bike or treadmill and clock up some more miles. With the great weather we enjoy currently in Sydney we will of course spend as much time as possible outside along the beaches and coast.

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