No training – no prize

After moving to Brisbane end of last year with the new job, flood and endless days of rain, it was hard to get regular training done. So as a result after 10 weeks I managed a dismal 200km or 20km a week. Pretty poor and the result was of course a shocking Twilight 1/2 marathon yesterday in Brisbane. Perfect conditions weather wise but miserable condition for me. Finished in my worst ever time of over 2 hours. I am just glad I did not have to guide anyone on this race as I probably would have been pulled along by a blind runner. So to get me on an even keel again the first thing I did last night is to sign up for the 50km Cook’s Tour in May and the 100miles Glasshouse Mountains in September. That should get me back on track pretty soon. I will start running to and from work 2 – 3 times a week plus get the long runs in on the weekend. I hope by May I am back to my old form. Happy Feet

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