Running with ‘new’ eyes

I consider myself very luck to have had the possibility to address my vision problem and finally got rid of my glasses. I had Laser Lasik done 10 days ago and it feels like new chapter of life. Should have done this years ago….
I can’t wait to start my training again and run without prescription glasses. Go for a run, finish at the beach (no option in Brisbane) and jump into the waves without the problem of where to go with my glasses was always a dream. Can’t wait to get back to Sydney and do the beach run……
Uli and I settling in fine in Brisbane, which finally puts on a much better face with blue sky, sunshine and a cooling breeze most of the days. I am allowed to kick start my training next week again and my first goal is the Brisbane Twilight Run in March.
That 1/2 marathon will give me a good indication where I stand and than we can plan the year for some major adventures.
Gold Coast Marathon, Simpson Desert, Glasshouse Mountains, Brisbane Oxfam and much more is on my wish list.
I will try to continue my work with visually impaired runners here in Brisbane and have started to get in touch with Vision Australia and Guide Dog.
Happy Feet

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