900 km – enough for 100 miles?

Since I crossed the finish line with Francois in South Africa end of May and after my break in June I covered 900 km in training runs for the big one next weekend. I hope that it was enough to survived the 100 miles (165 km) of trail running in the Glasshouse Mountains north-west of Brisbane. I am looking forward to conquering this new distance and try to finish under 36 hours. Have prepared all me drop-bags and my race plan is done. In 2007, pre-paring for the Marathon des Sables, I have finished the 100 km a in 14 hours, so I am aware of the challenge ahead, well, at least for the first part. First 100 km start to the West from Beerburrum school on Saturday 5.30 am, I hope to be back there late evening and than it means to start all over again this time to the East for another 60 odd km in another loop returning to Beeruburrm school again. My goal is to get back to Beerburrum by Sunday morning for breakfast but than again one never knows what will happen out there and finishing is of course the main goal. There will be a few old comrades from the Sahara trip in 2008 at the start, will be good to have a little catch-up and chatting about the good old days….
So – a week of relaxing ahead, ice bath, massage and just little jogs and cycling the next few days and than Friday up to Brisbane. Come back for the full report next week.
Happy Feet

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