Yes! New PB for 6ft Track

Finally – a very slow start a few years ago, a DNF in 2008 and a good race last year, finally last Saturday I had a great 6ft track race. Conditions were dry and with an overcast sky most of the morning, I was ready to start in wave 3 at 8.20am from the Explorer Tree. Trent, Mangos and Denis had to wait another 15 min to get on the way with wave 4.

On the way down those steps I caught up with Michael from New Zealand, who is preparing for the Marathon des Sables in 2 months time and he was delighted to have found a good source of information in me. We chatted along for the first 8 – 10 km and without realizing I ended up at the Cox River in less they 2 hours. The river was not too high but some runners still got caught out leaving their bumbags with iPod and phone around their waist.

Hmmm, Trent, try again to get an replacement iPod from Apple now.
The long hours of walking with the Wild Women the week earlier helped me to keep up the momentum getting up to MiniMini and Pulvio and I was surprised to find myself reaching the top of the race in only 3 1/2 hours. So suddenly I realized that I have more then 2 hours to finish under the aimed 6 hours. So I kept taking those energy gels and powered along finishing the last, steep 4 km in under 4min/km and crossing the finish in 5hrs34min – still slow compared to the winners but hey, at least I left the youngsters behind me!

Very happy and looking forward to the next challenge – the 50km in Canberra in May

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