Back on Track

After spending January recovering from my cold and flu, I am slowly getting back on track. February was a good running month sofar and I gradually increased my weekly runs to 70 km in total. Last 4 weeks covered 300 km – not enough to be of too much use in 2 weeks time at the 100km Sydney Coastal Trek . I can only hope that I will end up in a slow group, so it won’t be too hard to follow.
6ft Track is following just a week later, it looks like I will b chased be the sweeper again this year.
My running buddy in South Africa is slowly getting into the training for The Comrades – only 100 days to go, I keep my fingers crossed that Francois is getting some good long runs in soon – not an easy tasks, as he has to find a guide who is able to keep up with him for a couple of hours each time. The Comrades is a very hard race to finish and it is important to train ones body to be able to keep on its legs for 12+ hours in one day.

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