Like good wine…..getting better with age….

The Gold Coast Marathon ( is a great race to run fast or at least try to….I was glad the start was at a decent time of 7.30am on Sunday morning. After a long night 2 nights ago, discovering Brisbane’s nightlife any extra minute in bed was needed.

Under ideal conditions, cool 19 degrees maximum and slightly overcast with high clouds, over 4’000 runners lined up at the start. Trent (Marathon Man) and I decided to start with the 3.45hrs pacer and then see how we go. Going through the first 10 km in relaxed 52 min and since I was not comfortable with running in a big group of people (which kind of bulked up all around the pacer), I decided to speed up a bit and go ahead of the group.
The next 5 km split showed me a couple of minutes ahead of pace and felling good, I just kept going. Half way was done in 110 minutes. For the second half I decided on a new tactic by simply picking out a bright shirt of a runner a few hundred meters ahead of me and then chase ‘it’ down. That worked a treat and one colourful ‘shirt‘ after another was left behind. After the final turn at 36 km and still feeling great, I kept this tactic up and without looking at time or distance any longer, I cruised into the finish line realising that with a bit more effort I could have easily beaten my own PB – finishing in 3hrs37min or a mere 1 min slower then my best ever – 8 years earlier. Was very happy with myself and headed back to enjoy the obligate ice bath back at the Sofitel followed by a family size pizza.
Trent was not as lucky and following his short recovery from a flu, he never took off and battled all the way to the finish – but finish he did. Maybe his worst race but remembering my worst a few years back on exactly the same course here can only mean that he can come back and do better next year.

This probably was my last marathon for the year. It seems that my new speed training was already helping to improve my race times and the next couple of months of running and training now for 1/2 marathons and 10 km race can only mean (hopefully) more fast times ahead. Next race will be the 1/2 in Mudgee (, followed by the Sydney Bridge run ( and then we should be ready for some great racing at the World Masters Games (

I am also glad to have already my qualification for The Comrades 2010 ( in my pocket with the Gold Coast Marathon time.

Happy running everyone.

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