6ft Track

I can not believe it is almost a year since the Marathon des Sables – Saturday I will be on the start for my 3rd 6ft track marathon from Katoomba to the Jenolan Caves in the Blue Mountains. http://www.sixfoot.com/course.php It is a pretty full-on course and I will be happy to finish within the given timelimit of 7 hours for the 45km. Last year I could not finish the race due to my knee problems but hopefully on Saturday afternoon I will be having a cool beer at the Cave House! This race is all done in preparation for the big on in May, so I will carry my good old MdS backpack along. A shame my buddy Michael had to drop out due to injury last week but I am sure to meet some old faces on Saturday during the run.
More (good) news on Sunday – Save running and happy training

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