Movie Night

Last week we had a MdS 08 get together with some of the Sydney runners! It was great to swap old stories and dream about a new race in the future.

We watched the offical DVD on a big screen followed by the main feature ‘The Spirit of the Marathon’. To follow the DVD on a big screen was huge – those sand dunes sure looked much more intimidating then on a normal TV.

It was a great opportunity to invite all our supporters, friends and families and say once more thank you and show them on a big screen what our race was all about!

Over 180 people enjoyed a great night and I am sure that a few found some new inspiration to start a running career and new adventures.

I have to start myself my training again and get rid of those extra kilos I put on over the last few weeks in Fiji sipping cocktails….

The training plan is made, some races locked in – so now it is just up to me to get out again in the mornings and do it!

Save training!

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