Octoberfest – 1 year later

It’s already a year since I ran Fitzroy Falls Marathon on Saturday and Maroubra Fun Run the next morning….again a beautiful day, blue sky, 27 degrees and plenty of German Beer and Weisswurst waiting for us at the finish. This time I did not have to pace Tasman and after about 3 km I left him at the bottom of the first hill…it was a though run in the heat….and I was very happy to finish in 38 minutes which was 2 minutes faster then last year. Tasman was only a few minutes behind. So we well deserved the few German beers and sausages afterwards. Now it is off to a well deserved rest and then we start again in January for the big 100km North Face and the World Masters Games later that year. Tasman is keen to get into running and try a half marathon next year…looks like we may have another marathon man in the making?
Happy and save running

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