Finally some ‘Moroccan’ weather

What a nice day – sun was out and off I went with Marathon Man on a 35km run around the Eastern suburbs…only thing I forgot was the suntan lotion.
3hrs15min later I was back home with quite a red nose and shoulders but who cares – summer is coming! Was quite a change running in this weather after all the freezing cold days over the last few months. It will be an interesting Sydney and Fitzroy Falls Marathon the next two weekends if weather is getting warmer! Drinking is the main thing – keep those fluids in all the time to keep the engine running.
Decided on an additional challenge for next year – the 100km North Face in the Blue Mountains – – just have to find out what dates in May next year. Just nicer to train in summer for such an event then during winter for the Oxfam 100km.
I started following the blogs of all the MdS runners for next years race and it makes me quite jealous – it is hard to keep training without such a big challenge to aim for…wish I could be there next year as well.

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