Day 6: 42.2km – Update from Markus

I was looking 4ward to seeing my parents & Uli today & ran as fast as the desert allowed me to. It was hot but a little wind from behind helped me along flying over dunes and dried lakes towards the finish. I am starting to like this race & wish it would go on for a few more days…getting the hang of this stage race. I arrived faster then I thought & Uli & my parents only arrived 5 min later but I was allowed to re-run my finish for photoshots! It was great to have them there – wll keep me going fast 2moro for the final stage of 17km :-(. Yesterday I recovered well & we received a cool can of coke for changing our race number for a new one (for TV). We also had a video presentation of the first 3 days of our race! How those Maroccans fly over those dunes is in-human! 2nite we get a concert from the Paris Opera in the desert – can’t wait – it will be an emotional last night in the sahara. An adventure is coming to an end – new friends made, new personal frontiers discovered. Cheers

4 thoughts on “Day 6: 42.2km – Update from Markus

  1. Hey crazy guy, only you could be starting to enjoy this race! You must almost be finished now so congratulations on this amazing achievement! a test of body heart and mind that few people will ever experience. But you’ve done it , you’re one of those few now. Enjoy your r and r. Tas

  2. We think that the heat is finally getting to you if you are enjoying this experience!!!! We think you are wonder man. enjoy every minute of the experience. Great to can share the end with Uli and your parents. love to all Sue and Noel

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