Day 4: 75.5km – Update from Markus

The desert was kind to me yesterday – had a great run & enjoyed (almost) all of it. I have not checked my time or place, so refer to darbaroud:com. Scenery was stunning but also very challanging. Imagine Arden Str from Coogee to Bronte – 5x as long/2x as steep/covered with sharp rocks & covered in powder sand; now prior climbing, do not wash for 5 days & go for a 6 hrs run in 45°. Thinking about Uli & my parents waiting 2moro at the finish kept me going strong yesterday. All your support email helps heaps for the moral. I saw big, grown up men in tears for hrs shuffling with blistered covered feet across the desert. I met smiling girls running lighted footed over the hills & tried to keep up with the leader (for 20m) – a great day in the desert! 2day R&R – still people coming in after 30 hrs of walking nonstop! Will try to reduce wight of pack more & hope 4 another good day for the marathon stage 2moro. Cheers

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