Day 3: 40.5km – Update from Markus

Do not invite me to the beach when I am back – can not guarantee the reaction. I have enough of sand & dunes for a few years. Today was hard with dunes followed by dry lakes & dunes again & a steep mountain in the middle of it. Kept my pace from yesterday & often also my own way a few 100m away from the main track – great to walk where nobody probably ever walked before. Josh – being heavier had more difficultiy over the dunes & I left him half way – had a great day all in all, no new blisters, back a bit sore & knee holding up well. Kept some fuel in the tank for 2moro. 3 stages done – 3 to go. 2moro the big one – 75km. Plan to walk/run through so no mail from me till Thursday. Hope to finish in 12 hrs – now the backpack is getting lighter & I can start to run the MdS! It is hard to describe the scenery – after ever dune it looks different & the mountains are out of this world. I hope there are photos on the race website which show the beauty of this place! Sleepingbag is calling now

5 thoughts on “Day 3: 40.5km – Update from Markus

  1. Markus,Sounds like you are doing it hard, Best of luck for the next stage (75.5 km), at least it should be down hill form then on :)Say hi to Josh for me.Take care,Dominic

  2. Markus,You’re going great. We’re all thinking of you and hope that the weather cools down a bit for you.Take care and pace yourself.Lots of love,Aly and Tas xx

  3. Markus,Well done! You’re going great. Hope the weather cools down for you tomorrow.We’re thinking of you.Take care and pace yourself.Lots of love,Aly and Tas xx

  4. markus, you really are a crazy dude but even for you this sounds nuts. But i’m thinking of you, as i drive my measly 6km to work in my air conditioned car. Hang in there and keep enjoying what you can! Good luck with the big 75k. Hope you havent needed the scalpel yet! Tas

  5. Hey MarkusLast night I ran from Edgecliff to home with a full backpack- full for me should be less than half of what u carried earlier in the race! Start to have a better understanding but still can’t imagine the conditions you are in, way too much… And you would be happy to know fenerbahce beat chelsea in the first leg of champs league( or maybe I just want to say that 🙂 ) Great to hear the knee is holding up and good luck with the rest of the race

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