Day 1: 31km – Update from Markus

Survived hardest run ever. 1st 14km high sanddunes – walked all with Josh. Shoes great – not much Sand on feets. 2nd part was across a moon like, black rock plateau – HOT but I ran to get out of it & left Josh behind. Last part was bloody sanddunes again, did not eat enough & Backpack got really painful – had 11kg. 500m before finish I had to lay down, fainted & some kind runner stayed with me, slowly came to again & after a drink & some gel I managed to stagger to finish. 5.15 hrs, Josh 1 hr later. Was lucky to find an extra waterbottle which I drank on the spot. After 1,5 l of recovery drink and food I feel much better. Will have to go slower 2moro & eat more.Runners still come in now – 10 hrs after start. 38 km to go 2moro, more dunes, more heat but it is all fun, right? Check offical site for results & roadmap.
Love to everone from Sahara.

3 thoughts on “Day 1: 31km – Update from Markus

  1. Hey Markus. Great work. Nice to see your update. Sounds like hard yakka those sand dunes.I hope your feet feel refreshed after a few hours sleep. I note you have already put a huge lead on the backmarkers. Today’s words of wisdom: Slow and steady wins the race!Good luck tomorrow.

  2. u etzä usdr schwiiiiz:hopp hopp markus – hoffentlich häsch pfläschterli für 17 bloootere debie!ich wünschs dir jo nöd!en lübe rhintaler gruess vo de nanu? manu

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