Packed and ready to go

Finished packing my bag and ended up with 11.2kg. Quite happy as I expected to have much more. So now it is fine tuning and trying to get rid of a few bits and pieces to get as close to 10kg as possible for the starting weight.

Half of the weight is just food – I tried hard to reduce this without getting under the minimum of 2000 calories we need to show per day to the organisiers.

My running equipment comes to about 1.700 kg including shoes and watch/GPS. I guess there is not much hope that it will look anything close to the colours I start with when I cross that finish line 245 km and 7 days later 🙂

So that’s it – of on Wednesday to Morocco. Please bear with me now for the next few weeks as I won’t have much access to Internet or phone but I will try my best to contact Phillippa with my status and progress as often as possible – so you will have an idea of my whereabouts in the desert of

‘See’ you all on the other side of the race at the finish! And keep an eye out for race number 528!

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