Relaxing week

Well, certainly took the doc’s advise to heart and enjoyed a relaxing week – only 40km all in all and my knee is holding up fine.
Uli and I enjoyed a very nice weekend away – first wedding anniversary after 4 years of marriage.

Lot’s of good food, wine, great concert in the Jenolan Caves with
Didjeridu Dingo!

I will be back up there next Saturday running the 6ft Track marathon as my final preparation – with all my gear and equipment for the Marathon des Sables – final test!

This weekend I did some slow running and walking with the
Backpack – a nice change from the normal running. The nice
spa at the end of every day was a great bonus in our very
secluded and great hideaway in the Blue Mountains

A bit of running and lot’s of x-training until Saturday – then 7 – 8 hours of running and walking the 6ft Track plus a couple of hours on Sunday will close up my final week of heavy training – after that it is reducing and getting ready for Morocco.

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