Good week – bad news

Had my biggest week with 150 km of good training running, even with a doggy knee. I did not tell the doctor about this but made sure not to go as hard as usual but putting in the time.

On the weekend I caught up with the Marathon Man – Trent was running hard for hours at Rebel Sport in Westfield, Bondi Junction promoting his fundraising event.

Today I got the report from the Doc –> All very technical and lot’s of Latin, to keep it short –> small tear of the meniscus, patella shows chondral fissure and small Baker’s cyst (fluid build-up).

Option for next 4 weeks -> run less, start more X-training, take drugs and don’t think about it until the finish line in Morocco. Looks like I may have to join the walkers over there instead of racing 7 days. Be assured I will make it to the finish.

Moral of the story: Keeping fit is good for your health but don’t overdue it; or as my wife puts it – stop trying to keep up with the young ones when you soon reach 50….

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