Thank to Sam&The Francofous

Today I had an hour interview with Sam and The Francofous (the crazy French) at his Northern Beaches Radio Station. If you can handle my SwissFrench then tune in on 88.7 or 90.3 on Friday, 22nd Feb at 9am.
Hopefully the talk with Sam will encourage some more Fred Hollows Supporters to turn up on Friday, 22nd evening at 7pm for the Bowling Fun Night. Please call me on 0400 627 587 for details and reservation – The Foundation needs our support to continue their great work worldwide.
Not much news on my knee – went for a soft 3 hours today but now I am having the knee on ice….I just hope the scan will show not too much of problems and I can get back onto the road on full speed soon.
Remember, bowling this coming Friday in Darling Harbour!

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