Moroccan Feast & 82 Days to Go

Happy New Year! It will be a very exciting one for some of us. 82 days to go!

Christmas and New Year I spent running in National Parks. The cool weather was nice to run in, but I really look forward to get some hot ‘Moroccan’ days soon. Won’t happen this month as I am off to Europe … brrrrr. Hotel gym and treadmill work for me in freezing Paris and Switzerland.

Spent the first two days of 2008 out of action. My knees

played up badly just because I started using a different
shoe the last 3 weeks. They changed my stride and affected
legs and knees. A couple of sessions at the physio and some
Voltaren fixed the problem, but my new shoes will be
on Ebay shortly!

For this coming Friday, 11th January I still have a few spare seats to fill on my fundraising dinner night at the Moroccan Feast in Randwick.

Why not start 2008 with a good deed and help some poor blind person to see again? Email ( or call me (0400 627 587) to book.

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