Cool Running

Gee, last week was a bloody cold one! Glad I have the gym close by. Happy to run most of my KMs on the treadmill at Elix’r at the moment. However, I still managed two longer runs on the weekend along the coast. 85km all together.
Thanks to a running buddy who did the MdS in 2006 (‘Virtual’ from CoolRunning forum (, I was able to test my first backpack on a run. One of the more popular models used in the Marathon des Sables, but not for me. Even with the cool 10 degrees last Sunday, I could feel that I would be far too hot and restricted with this kind of backpack in the desert. Did not feel comfortable with a small bag in front (4 l) and a backpack on the back (19 l). So back to researching other models this week.

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