Slow but steady

We enjoyed an nice day for our 45 km race between Lorne and Apollo Bay along the Great Ocean Road. 2 hrs of great fun and 2 1/2 hrs of pain, guess I must get older and slower – 4hrs 36min finishing time. One thing I learned: it is almost as hard to race slow than to race fast! If I want to be able to run 30+ km a few days in a row I need to manage my speed better. I had started too fast (sub 5 min/km for the first 10km). I’m happy with the outcome though, tested various energy bars, gels and drinks along the way as well. Congratulations to my buddy Denis, who finished in excellent 3hrs 48min. He prepared the race with Swiss precision by putting out 7 drink bottles along the way, and he managed to miss 5 of them (that’s the Irish approach, I guess.) Just as well, I was happy to enjoy his drinks on my way to Apollo Bay!

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